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When the paint gets old it gives an unpleasant appearance to your house, it starts to notice marks, crusts that sprout and is totally damaged. For that reason is important to give constant maintenance but when the damage is irreversible then it is necessary to do a complete replacement of the painting. In Family Painting we are experts in all these cases, it is also important that you know that the marks of the are caused by humidity, pass of time and aparate by the quality of the paint, those ugly stripes caused by uneven layers of paint accumulation. They occur when you turn over the paint that is already partially dry.

When we paint we take into account as a main fact the weather even if it does not seem important the weather is one of the most relevant things at the moment of applying paint, then we measure the damage caused based on these data, which would be the best option to apply inside of your house or the outside of it.

In warm, dry conditions, latex paint can harden in less than a minute. The key to avoiding the marks is to maintain a ¡wet edge!, so that each stroke of your roller overlaps the previous stroke before the paint can begin to dry.

Family painting we have come pocesionandonos as the best painters of Killen texas. We do not have any client in our social networks or internet that is not satisfied because we establish relationships with them and we take care of the detail that in the end has always been the most important so that the finish is of quality and pleasant appearance. In Killen, Texas WE ARE THE BEST we invite you to see our testimony in our Google my business and in this page in the Testimonies area. You can also call us at our phone number or leave a comment on the contact form with pleasure we will be taking care of your request and with free estimates.

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